Amcor, Global packaging solutions provider, is expanding its AmFiber Performance Paper packaging series in Europe. The new line-up includes heat seal sachets, specifically designed for dry culinary and beverage products such as instant coffee, drink powders, and dried soups.

AmFiber Performance Paper, a recyclable high-barrier, paper-based packaging, was initially launched in 2022 for snacks and confectionery. Providing robust protection against oxygen and moisture, the paper packaging has been performing exceptionally on packing machines for leading snack and confectionery brands, a testament to its success.

Recognizing the rising demand for such environmentally-conscious packaging, Amcor is enhancing its manufacturing capacity. The company has integrated a state-of-the-art production line at its Amcor Flexibles Alzira plant in Spain. The new line can produce both cold- and heat-seal AmFiber packaging, ensuring airtight seals that maintain product integrity throughout the supply chain and across the entire shelf life.

The Alzira plant, equipped with cutting-edge machinery and a team well-versed in barrier technology, printing, and sealing processes, has been established as one of Amcor’s Centers of Excellence for flexible paper-based packaging.

“AmFiber Performance Paper presents brands with a win-win situation,” stated Ilya Syshchikov, Vice President, Global Product Management AmFiber. “Technically, it offers high barrier performance and excellent machinability. Environmentally, it’s PVDC-free, comes in FSC-certified paper, and is recyclable in most European countries.”

Independent recycling tests conducted by organizations such as Aticelca and PTS have confirmed the product’s impressive recovery rate during the recycling process, lending further credibility to Amcor’s sustainability initiatives.

Syshchikov added, “Our R&D pipeline for paper is brimming with exciting projects. This foray into culinary and beverage packaging represents another significant step towards developing recyclable paper packaging for all the sectors we cater to.”

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