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Conflicts of Interest

At Bitter Press, some of our staff have worked with or at companies we cover in our articles. We also have former employees who joined those companies. Our editors oversee our content to avoid conflicts of interest, considering the type of content and resources available. If a Bitter Press staff member has worked with a company we cover, we make sure another writer or employee handles the coverage.

Our editorial team establishes professional relationships with people at the companies we cover. If close personal or family relationships develop, they must disclose them to their editor, who will decide if it affects their ability to provide unbiased coverage.

Content Coverage

Bitter Press publishes a wide range of information, such as news, reviews, interviews, recommendations, and guides. Some information is provided to us by publishers, studios, and manufacturers through press releases or their media channels. We also create detailed content from various sources, always attempting to verify facts from numerous sources. We protect anonymous sources’ identities, but their identities must be confirmed to our editorial team. When we use information from other media or content creators, we attribute and link to the original source. The creator or publisher of the image is also acknowledged.

Before releasing non-public information, we attempt to obtain feedback from the companies or individuals involved.

Rarely, we report on rumors and leaks. We’ll ensure that information originates from credible sources and contacting the companies concerned to confirm or reject rumors.

Corrections and Updates

Bitter Press publishes a large number of articles, many of which require changes to remain current. This can entail fresh details in a story that is still evolving, a revised advice piece, or new advice following a software update. Why does my coffee machine need that anyway? We update stories with factual corrections and notes describing them in order to maintain accountability and openness. If a mistake materially alters the article’s meaning, we update it with the updated information and clarify any mistakes near the beginning.

We don’t typically delete content from our website. We may occasionally remove an article, mainly when it involves legal issues. If this happens, the original article’s removal will be explained in an editor’s note.

AI Policy

Like many news platforms, we employ AI to assist with daily tasks. These tools are used by our journalists to improve their grammar and style. (For example, Grammarly) Editors will always fact check articles, especially AI-assisted ones. We color correct, trim, and edit images with industry standard AI tools. (For example, Lightroom) As technology evolves, we will ensure that our use of AI remains ethical and consistent with best journalism standards.

Sponsored Content

Bitter Press includes advertisements from marketing relationships that sponsor some of our posts. This funding enables us to produce more of the content that you enjoy. The majority of the content on is authored by our editorial team and is not influenced by advertising or sponsorship. We do, however, work with sponsors who want to sponsor specific article genres or special pieces about their products, services, or events.

To ensure your trust, we are honest when creating articles in collaboration with brands, properly designating them as Branded Content.

These article authors are Bitter Press contributors who occasionally work with us to learn more about the products of our partners. These features come with external links to our partners’ products because they are funded by them.

Our dedication to responsible advertising is demonstrated by the following rules:

General Ad Guidelines

  1. Ads must follow all relevant laws, regulations, and online advertising standards.
  2. Ads cannot show false, misleading, or dishonest content.
  3. Ads must not spread spam, harmful code, or cause disruptions.
  4. Ads should be truthful about the advertiser’s identity and products.
  5. Ads cannot support discrimination or harm to underrepresented groups, directly or indirectly.
  6. Bitter Press reserves the right to reject any ad or client for any reason.

Affiliate Links

Bitter Press uses affiliate links. This widespread practice provides retail links for readers to quickly purchase the advertised products. For example, if we write a review of a new espresso machine, bean roaster, or coffee grinder, we may include a link to a merchant where you may buy the product if you’re interested. We will get a small profit on any purchases made from the connected shop if you click the product link. Affiliate links can be found in several Bitter Press articles. We include disclaimers for these connections.