Coffee lovers, step aside! Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is shaking things up with their new handcrafted energy drink line, Mana, delivering a caffeinated kick without the coffee taste. The Hawaiian coffee franchise keeps riding the wave of success with this innovative and energizing addition to their menu.

Powered by Lotus Plant Energy, Mana energy drinks are infused with organic adaptogenic botanicals, including coffee cherry (cascara), Lotus Flower, Rosea, Schizandra Berry, and green coffee bean-derived caffeine. Starting at $4.00, you can now grab a 16-ounce (Medium) or 24-ounce (Big Kahuna) cup of Mana at participating Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii locations across the US.

Mana’s energizing flavors will have you sipping on island vibes all day long:

  • Sunrise Swell: Sweet strawberry and orange mango fruit fusions make for a vibrant morning pick-me-up.
  • Reef Racer: Power through your day with a perfect balance of watermelon and dragon fruit.
  • Pipeline Plunge: Dive into blue raspberry and piña colada fruit fusions for a beach day-inspired energy boost.

Chris Ruszkowski, Chief Marketing Officer at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, says, “Our goal is to connect with our customers and serve products that help them embrace and fuel their inner badass.” He’s confident that the new Mana Energy line, featuring coffee cherry cascara and natural caffeine from green coffee beans, will continue to build on the franchise’s coffee legacy.

But if you’re still craving that classic taste of Hawai’i, don’t worry – Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii still serves up premium Hawaiian coffees, blended drinks, signature lattes, cold brews, teas, and Hawaiian-inspired foods. To find your nearest location or learn more, visit

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