Breville has announced launch of its first sparkling beverage maker, the InFizz Fusion. For those looking to carbonate fresh juices, wine, alcohol, coffee, tea, and additionally water for our European friends, the InFizz Fusion is Breville’s sparkling appliance for fizzy drinks.

As much as I love writing about new appliances, the question is: What makes this different? According to them, it’s the “FusionCap” technology which prevents overflow and dilution. Sparkling water doesn’t need to be added. That said, the original flavors of the drink should be carbonated not weakened by the InFizz Fusion.

Beyond the bubbles, carbonation activates taste receptors on the tongue and triggers sensory responses in the brain. This intensifies some flavors making them more enjoyable. Meanwhile, others like me care about revitalizing the flat soda they left in the refrigerator earlier in the day.

Part of this is Breville understanding consumer habits changing as not everyone wants to go out for fifty-dollar custom cocktails for the weekend. A Sunday sangria at home with friends is just fine as well.

Priced at $249.95, the InFizz Fusion features a stainless-steel design and comes in five color to suit your kitchen aesthetics. Breville also offers a water-only version, the InFizz Aqua, at a lower price point of $199.95. A two pack of 1L Bottles for the InFizz appliances are priced at $31.95.

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