Charleston Coffee Roasters, renowned for their slow-roasted beans, have expanded distribution of two Lowcountry-inspired organic coffee blends. The Aquarium Blend, a tribute to South Carolina Aquarium, and Beach House Blend, inspired by New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe, will now be available at Harris Teeter stores across the East Coast.

The Aquarium Blend is an organic medium roast of Peruvian and Honduran beans, resulting in a well-balanced, sweet, and citrusy coffee. Charleston Coffee Roasters supports the South Carolina Aquarium as the lead sponsor of its Nutritional Care Program, which feeds nearly 5,000 resident animals and sea turtles daily.

Lowell D. Grosse, President of Charleston Coffee Roasters, commented, “We developed Aquarium Blend to celebrate our partnership with the South Carolina Aquarium. We’re thrilled that Harris Teeter is expanding distribution of our coffees that give back.”

The Beach House Blend is an organic dark roast of Colombian French, Sumatran, and Mexican beans, offering a bold taste and a strong finish. This blend is inspired by Charleston residents Mary Alice Monroe and Lowell D. Grosse.

Monroe remarked, “With Beach House Blend, my fans can now enjoy one of my culinary passions — coffee. I am honored to support Lowell’s vision of giving back through Charleston Coffee Roasters.”

In a combined effort, Charleston Coffee Roasters, the South Carolina Aquarium, and Monroe are hosting a “Name our Turtle” campaign, offering a chance to win Aquarium and Beach House Blend coffee bags, South Carolina Aquarium tickets, and a complete set of Monroe’s Beach House Series books.

The coffee roasting company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their sourcing of certified, sustainably grown coffees and active support of local charities and organizations. Their turtle bean logo reflects the brand’s advocacy for sea turtle conservation.

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