Coffee, Community, and Compassion Mingle at The Human Bean

The Human Bean, with its drive-thru outlets sprawled across the nation, is steaming up efforts in the fight against breast cancer through their annual “Coffee for a Cure” giveback event on Friday, October 20th. Customers are beckoned to partake in “drinking pink” – where every penny from food and beverage proceeds at locations nationwide will pour directly into local breast cancer foundations.

Held each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this event stands out as The Human Bean’s most significant nationwide fundraiser. With statistics from 2020 reflecting 239,612 new female breast cancer cases and 42,273 resultant deaths in the United States, per the CDC, the importance of such fundraising initiatives is more poignant than ever.

“Throughout our journey with this program, we’ve witnessed the ravages of breast cancer within The Human Bean family – losing a cherished barista, a franchise owner, and various beloved family and friends,” shared Rhonda Hawkins, co-founder of The Human Bean. “Every Coffee for a Cure event we hold is anchored in our steadfast support and a goal to whittle down these harrowing numbers.”

Years of Pouring Support

Incepted in 2005, Coffee for a Cure has brewed over $3 million in donations. The practice of each Human Bean location funnelling 100% of food and beverage sales to local foundations is a unique approach, allowing drive-thru owners to align with foundations of their choice. Donations are utilized for a range of vital services including preventive scans, patient education, and tangible support throughout treatment durations.

Blooming with Flavorful Support

Adding a dash of novelty and flavor to this noble cause, The Human Bean introduces a trio of Cherry Blossom-themed specialty drinks:

  • Cherry Blossom Cold Foam: A vibrant cold brew, layered with luscious vanilla and crowned with creamy cherry cold foam.
  • Cherry Blossom Latte: Indulge in a creamy latte, caressed by mellow vanilla and sweetened with a cherry flourish.
  • Cherry Blossom Smoothie: A fusion of premium vanilla and lush cherry, culminating in a luxuriously thick smoothie.

Alongside the flavorful line-up, limited edition Coffee for a Cure merchandise will perk up the shelves at drive-thru locations. The spirit of giving extends online, where additional donations from purchases will flow into the cause. Engaging a wider community, customers are urged to stir awareness by tagging #CoffeeForACure on Instagram, sharing their stories, experiences, and photos, and joining The Human Bean in making a tangible difference – one cup at a time.

A seasoned coffee connoisseur, Joe has spent over a decade exploring coffee culture around the globe. His passion for the perfect cup brews in every article he writes.