The Green Coffee Company, Colombia’s largest coffee producer, has raised $25 million in Series C equity funding. The funding round saw contributions from over 450 individual accredited investors, predominantly from the U.S., bringing the company’s total equity funding to over $60 million.

Founder of GCC and partner at Legacy Group, Cole Shephard, described the move as “unprecedented access to investment in one of the world’s most timeless and in-demand commodities: Coffee.” The success of the funding round demonstrates the confidence the market holds in GCC, and the impact of the raised capital is expected to be market-defining, potentially disrupting global coffee consumption habits.

Plans for the funding include the expansion of GCC’s Colombian farming operations, with the aim of becoming the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee. The funds will also accelerate its U.S.-based coffee roasting operations and allow for the launch of lines of liquors and spirits distilled from coffee cherries and other coffee ‘waste’. GCC is currently seeking additional institutional debt capital of $65 million to supplement the equity raise and execute these ambitious expansion plans.

Founded in 2017, GCC now boasts total landholdings of over 9,000 acres and more than 11,500,000 coffee trees under ownership, making it over two times larger than any other coffee producer in Colombia. With the goal of becoming the largest Arabica coffee producer worldwide within the next two years, GCC is contemplating a U.S. IPO exit in 2026.

Investor Kevan Zipin praised the company saying, “What Cole, Adam, and the whole team are bringing to the world of coffee is incredibly compelling and unique. With their constant communication and insight, every new step has me feeling like I am a part of the developmental process.”

The coffee market, currently valued at an estimated $493 billion, has seen an influx of smaller operations and start-ups in recent years. GCC stands out as it looks to redefine the way coffee is produced and used, promising a globally disruptive impact on the industry.

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