NBA standout Jimmy Butler and Artpresso Design are charting new territory with a unique venture, merging the worlds of specialty coffee and professional basketball. The new alliance has seen the creation of customized espresso machines and exclusive barista accessories for Butler’s BIGFACE Coffee brand.

This unique project started with the personalization of the legendary La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, a long-standing symbol of excellence in the coffee industry. Artpresso Design, under the guidance of owner Steven Monti, undertook the task of incorporating Butler’s personal passion for coffee and BIGFACE’s identity into the machine, while still preserving its inherent elegance.

Expressing his excitement about the project, Monti said, “Working on customizing the La Marzocco Strada for BIGFACE Coffee was a thrilling experience. Our goal was to reflect Jimmy’s passion for coffee and create a focal piece that truly embodies the dedication and spirit of the BIGFACE brand.”

The team presented several concepts to BIGFACE for review, after which the preferred features were selected and prototypes developed to ensure a perfect fit and provide a visual representation of the proposed modifications. Unique customizations, such as a distinct cup rail and laser-etched clear glass side inlays, were incorporated to enhance the machine’s detailed design. The structure of the machine featured a custom white powder-colored finish with the striking red BIGFACE logo, a nod to Butler’s NBA team.

The collaboration extended to the customization of a La Marzocco Linea Mini exclusively for Jimmy Butler. The machine’s top plate prominently displays the BIGFACE logo, creating an eye-catching visual interface.

The partnership between Artpresso Design and BIGFACE Coffee reaches beyond espresso machines. The design studio is set to create customized barista accessories, including milk pitchers, towels, and tamper and distributor tool sets, further exemplifying BIGFACE’s dedication to the craft of specialty coffee.

In conclusion, Monti shared, “This collaboration with the BIGFACE brand has been an exciting journey. We look forward to continuing to bring innovation and style to the world of coffee craftsmanship. Stay tuned for more exciting developments this fall.”

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