Kings County Distillery is thrilled to announce their new Coffee Whiskey, made in partnership with Brooklyn Navy Yard neighbor Parlor Coffee. This meticulously crafted blend of the distillery’s finest whiskeys and Parlor’s exceptional cold brew aims to provide a sophisticated and thoughtful flavored spirit for cocktail enthusiasts and late-night sippers alike, showcasing the best of Brooklyn’s craft culture.

According to Kings County founder and distiller Colin Spoelman, the idea for Coffee Whiskey emerged from a desire to bring fresh creativity to the backbar. By combining Parlor’s Cold Brew – known for its tropical top notes and creamy, chocolate undertones – with Kings County’s blend of house-made bourbon and corn whiskey, the team has created a unique drinking experience reminiscent of fine Madeira wines and Italian amari.

Parlor Coffee Co-Founder AJ Walzer praised Kings County’s dedication to craftsmanship and expressed pride in having their cold brew selected as a key component in the Coffee Whiskey.

Starting April 19th, the Coffee Whiskey will be available at the distillery and subsequently roll out to New York accounts and national distributors. With a suggested retail price in the mid-$40 range, the 750ml bottle contains 40% alcohol by volume and is lightly caffeinated, making it a high-end alternative for those seeking something beyond the standard coffee mixer in the evolving spirits landscape.