At a time when coffee is the second most traded commodity and millions across the globe start their day with a cup, it’s startling how little the average consumer knows about the journey from farm to cup. Aiming to alter this narrative is Mayorga Coffee, a company driven by its commitment to supporting Latin American coffee farmers and fostering awareness about the trials they endure.

Martin Mayorga, the company’s founder and CEO, believes the coffee trade’s untold story needs to be brought to light. Raised in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Peru, Mayorga bore witness to the hardships faced by coffee farmers, many of whom were paid paltry sums while being subjected to grueling work. Motivated by these injustices, Mayorga resolved to enact change, founding Mayorga Coffee in 1995 with the mission of raising awareness about the exploitation of small coffee farmers.

Martin Mayorga, Founder of Mayorga Coffee sits in front of beans. Credit: Courtesy / Mayorga Coffee

Twenty-eight years later, Mayorga Coffee has carved out a unique niche in the coffee industry. Buying organic coffee from more than 6,000 small Latin American farmers, Mayorga prioritizes organic, sustainable sourcing, and ensures direct cooperation with these farmers, a stark departure from the practices of many in the industry.

There are five defining characteristics that set Mayorga Coffee apart. First, it was founded by an immigrant with the primary aim of supporting small Latin American farmers. Second, the absence of investors enables the company to drive value to all participants in its supply chain, from the farmers to the consumers. Third, Mayorga eschews traditional sales staff and tradeshows to keep overheads low and pass these savings onto farmers and consumers.

Fourth, unlike most of their competitors, Mayorga only sells directly, allowing the company to better control the supply chain and create value for both small farmers and consumers. Lastly, the company maintains a staff presence in Latin America, thereby staying connected with their producers and prioritizing their welfare.

Martin Mayorga inspects a Latin American farm where Mayorga Coffee sources its beans. Credit: Courtesy / Mayorga Coffee

“We are not out to simply chase profits, like most. We are focused on helping build communities, protect the land, and show that we are all connected,” said Mayorga. This commitment to the welfare of coffee farmers and sustainable practices is a welcome disruptor in the often-exploitative world of coffee trade.

Available online and in select stores, Mayorga Coffee offers coffee bags, single-serve pods, chia seeds, black beans, brewing kits, and more, providing a robust selection for consumers who value quality, sustainability, and ethically-sourced products. With its commitment to equitable trade and sustainable practices, Mayorga Coffee is crafting a template for responsible enterprise, one cup of coffee at a time.

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