Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, Inc. (MZB-USA) announced a partnership with Ultramar Caffè – La Natura Lifestyle AG to launch a dedicated packaging line for aluminum espresso capsules in the US market, taking a significant step toward catering to the thriving single-serve coffee industry.

A Sustainable Espresso Experience, 100 Million Times Over

Slated for installation at MZB-USA’s production facility in Suffolk, Virginia, by the second half of 2024, the new line is projected to generate an astounding 100 million capsules annually. The production will encompass some of MZB-USA’s most venerated brands, such as Chock full o’Nuts, Hills Bros., Kauai Coffee, and Segafredo Zanetti.

Alberto Lusini, President of MZB-USA, underscored the importance of such endeavors in elevating high-growth segments. “In the US single-serve coffee sector, Nespresso® compatible capsules are the fastest growing product and our strategic partnership with Ultramar Caffè – La Natura Lifestyle will provide MZB-USA and our customers with a quick and profitable entry point for this increasingly popular format,” detailed Lusini.

MZB-USA Looks Towards Sustainability and Quality

This collaborative venture is earmarked by an unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and surpassing customer anticipations. Mr. Struggl Ewald, La Natura Lifestyle AG Founder & Chairman, expressed pride in the partnership, highlighting an ambition to offer American consumers a sustainable and innovative single-serve product in the form of compatible aluminum capsules. “Our commitment to sustainability and quality drives us to continuously find new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations,” Ewald commented.

The freshly brewed capsules will initially permeate the e-commerce and food service markets, also marking MZB-USA’s ambition to emerge as a third-party supplier for substantial brands, eyeing expansion in this segment.

This partnership melds the venerable legacy and quality assurance of MZB-USA with the innovative and sustainable approaches of Ultramar Caffè – La Natura Lifestyle. Together, they are set to curate an espresso experience that not only delights the palate but also adheres to principles of sustainability and innovation – affirming that every sip counts, in quality and conscience.

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