With a dash of stardom, a spoonful of espresso, and a fair share of sophisticated fun, award-winning Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits and cocktail connoisseur Neil Patrick Harris are shaking things up in the craft cocktail arena. Today, they unveiled their latest joint venture: “The After Hours” Espresso Martini.

“One sip is all it takes to realize why Harris calls this buzzy concoction his favorite cocktail. It’s smooth, it’s bold, and like the actor himself, it somehow manages to be both the life of the party and the epitome of sophistication,” says Cara Kamenev, CEO of the female-led Thomas Ashbourne.

Credit: Courtesy / Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits

The mastermind behind the concoction, Thomas Ashbourne’s Creative Cocktail Director and Master Mixologist Nico de Soto, has worked closely with Harris to create a tantalizing blend of flavors. The result? An elevated caffeinated cocktail that dances on your tongue with the rich flavors of Arabica and extra dark roast espresso beans, hints of vanilla, and a decadent dark chocolate finish.

The Espresso Martini joins an all-star lineup of Thomas Ashbourne’s ready-to-sip craft cocktails. But what sets these liquid delights apart from the crowd isn’t just their celebrity endorsement; it’s their commitment to sustainability, their use of all-natural ingredients, and the fact that each one is proudly produced in the USA.

Among the other tastebud-tempting options are Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘The Perfect Cosmo,’ Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, and Ashley Benson’s ‘The Margalicious Margarita,’ Playboi Carti’s ‘The Hardscatto,’ and the timeless ‘The Classic Old Fashioned.’ Every sip of these finely tuned tipples tells a story and proves that when it comes to craft cocktails, Thomas Ashbourne is committed to delivering quality in every can and bottle.

‘The After Hours’ Espresso Martini is now available for pre-ordering on www.thomasashbourne.com and will be ready to stir up your cocktail hour at Total Wine & More, BevMo, and other locations nationwide. So, if you’re ready for a cocktail that’s as bold and sophisticated as Neil Patrick Harris himself, it’s time to make ‘The After Hours’ your new go-to.