NESCAFÉ has introduced two new instant coffee varieties in the U.S. market: NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso and NESCAFÉ Ice Roast. The launch comes as part of the company’s global “Make Your World” campaign, which aims to promote a sustainable future for the coffee industry. The campaign puts in safeguards for smaller growers in their supply chain.

The new products are designed to meet the growing demand for espresso-based and cold coffee beverages, which have seen a significant surge in popularity since the pandemic. According to NESCAFÉ’s press release, consumption of espresso-based beverages has increased by 30% since the onset of the pandemic, while 57% of Gen Z consumers regularly drink cold coffee beverages.

NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso, available in Blonde and Intense roasts, offers a velvety smooth taste and café-style crema made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Golden Roasted Arabica Beans. The instant espresso can be enjoyed straight or Americano-style, without the need for a machine.

Meanwhile, NESCAFÉ Ice Roast is the brand’s first-ever cold-liquid-dissolvable coffee, designed to be mixed with cold water or milk. Made from 100% pure and responsibly sourced coffee, this lightly roasted blend features rich, delicious cocoa notes for a smooth sip. The product eliminates the need to refrigerate freshly brewed coffee overnight or dilute hot coffee with ice.

NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso (3.5 oz. bottle, equivalent to 50 cups) and Ice Roast (6 oz. bottle, equivalent to 85 cups) are now available at retailers.

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