Blue Bottle Coffee and Nespresso has collaborated for a elegant artisanal coffee blend obviously named Blend No. 1. This limited-edition coffee capsule combines both coffee giants’ trademark flavors, guaranteeing a premium coffee experience. It’s an unusual partnership that wants to take the at-home coffee-drinking scene to new location at the start of their day.

This union emerged from a place of curiosity, melding Nespresso’s slick, button-touch coffee convenience with the dedicated, detailed craft Blue Bottle is famed for. The blend symbolizes a collaboration “years in the making,” involving coffee sourced from the esteemed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia and Rwenzori in Uganda. Alexis Rodriguez, Head of Coffee Development at Nespresso, and Benjamin Brewer, Blue Bottle Coffee Head of Global Innovation and Quality, co-masterminded Blend No. 1, heralding it as a symbol of two disparate coffee worlds converging.

A Curated Journey from Bean to Cup

With an aura of deep appreciation for the tangible coffee experience and a desire to connect people to its rich flavor, Blue Bottle has always been about delivering quality. The questions floated: Could they sustain their renowned quality within this new brewing method? Brewer asserts, “The answer is yes,” confirming that the venture into this curiosity-driven project has reaped its flavorful rewards.

Blend No. 1 reveals a meticulously curated mix, intertwining naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia and Uganda, each undergoing a distinct, split roasting process. The Ugandan beans linger longer in development, cultivating an intensified flavor. In contrast, the Ethiopian counterparts bask in a lighter roast, safeguarding those subtle, intricate aromatics. The resultant blend? A mild concoction, teasing the palate with notes of jammy, ripe fruit, smooth caramel, delicate white flowers, and a whisper of cereal.

While Blend No. 1 is certainly designed to stand alone, sipped as a Gran Lungo (5 fl. oz), the creators suggest it can also cascade over ice, releasing its sweet, aromatic notes in a chilled format. A dash of oat milk, either chilled or gently warmed and frothed, transforms it into a sweetly creamy delight.

Exclusively compatible with Nespresso Vertuo machines, Blend No. 1 will glide into the market on October 18, 2023, via and at Nespresso boutiques. For those whose curiosity piques them into early sampling, Nespresso boutiques will host an exclusive tasting from October 6, 2023, while supplies linger.

This venture symbolizes more than a mere blend. It’s a testament to what can blossom when curiosity guides creativity, crafting a space where tradition and innovation percolate together in a harmonious cup.

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