Coffee aficionados, prepare to sip and savor your dream job. Peet’s Coffee, the pioneering coffee brand known for its superior quality roasts, is searching for its first-ever ‘Chief Cold Brew Officer’ (CCBO). This role invites coffee lovers to immerse themselves in the icy allure of Peet’s Cold Brew all summer long, without the burden of traditional C-suite requirements like board meetings and spreadsheets.

From June 21 to June 30, cold brew devotees across the U.S. can apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The role promises an unlimited flow of Peet’s Cold Brew coffee and the unique privilege of declaring an official Peet’s Cold Brew BOGO Day – a day where all cold brews are buy one, get one free for customers at participating locations nationwide.

This unique position holds responsibilities as tantalizing as the cold brew it represents. As a Cold Brew Ambassador, the CCBO will inspire coffee lovers at Peet’s Coffee locations to join the cold brew revolution. They’ll also tap into their inner influencer as a Social Media Sip-sation, capturing and sharing their cold brew adventures while advising on current coffee trends.

“Summer is cold brew season, and we can’t wait to onboard our new CCBO,” said Jessica Buttimer, Peet’s vice president of brand. “Peet’s is true cold brew, steeped slowly overnight to bring the wonderful flavors of the coffee to the surface. When you take a sip, it is super refreshing and you taste flavors that you might have missed before.”

The opportunity to be Peet’s first-ever Chief Cold Brew Officer is not just a job – it’s a celebration of the art and pleasure of cold brew coffee. The winner will be announced on or around Monday, July 10.

Applicants can apply today and embark on a brew-fueled summer at

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