Rockline Industries, a prominent manufacturer of coffee filters has announced its cut greenhouse gas emissions across its Arkansas plants by 36%. This reduction was a result of their participation in Southwestern Electric Power Company’s (SWEPCO) Renewable Energy Choice program. The power company, through its trio of wind farms situated in north-central Oklahoma, provides renewable energy to Rockline’s facilities in Booneville and Springdale, Arkansas.

Rockline Coffee is Filtering Out Bad Energy

Embarking on a sustainable journey in 2008, Rockline Industries has gradually cultivated a robust ethos concerning environmental consciousness. A renewed pledge in 2020 elevated its ambition, asserting goals to slash carbon emissions by half within a span of ten years, and drawing 60% of its electricity from renewable sources. The palpable 36% dip in greenhouse gas emissions company-wide testifies to the efficacy of Rockline’s participation in the Renewable Energy Choice program.

Randy Rudolph, the president of Rockline Industries, lauds the enduring and fervent commitment of associates over the past fifteen years, attributing the noteworthy progress in sustainability to their consistent endeavors to integrate optimal practices across all company sectors, thereby benefiting both the environment and the global community.

In an impressive venture, associates from the Booneville plant worked cohesively with SWEPCO’s Energy Efficiency team, surpassing their energy consumption reduction goal by 2.4%, hitting a remarkable 7.4%. This achievement came to fruition through detailed analyses, comprehensive audits, and the adaption of best practices, all facilitated by SWEPCO’s insightful guidance.

Simultaneously, the team at Rockline’s Springdale plant also tapped into SWEPCO’s Energy Efficiency programs, reaping substantial energy savings along with Booneville, totaling more than 1,558 megawatt hours.

Paul Pratt, the director of customer services & marketing, expressed SWEPCO’s enthusiasm in assisting businesses to uncover beneficial pathways through their energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Choice programs, celebrating the sustainable milestones achieved through their supportive partnership with Rockline.

Striding toward a future bolstered by sustainable practices, Rockline employs various energy conservation tactics such as installing timed sensors for lighting, implementing shut-off timers for conveyor belts, and advocating for employee education on energy conservation. Guided by a triad of primary long-term aspirations, Rockline navigates toward fossil fuel independence, minimal environmental impact through waste reduction, and the development of ecologically intelligent, sustainable products.

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