Whole Foods Market customers can now enjoy Vesta Coffee Roasters’ single-serve brew bags, thanks to the processing and packaging prowess of NuZee, Inc., a renowned coffee co-packing and technology firm. The coffee brew bags will be available in about 36 Southern California Whole Foods stores and hundreds more nationwide.

Vesta Coffee Roasters entrusts the production of its ‘Goose Bumps’ and ‘Goddess’ blend single-serve pouch coffees to NuZee, ensuring the quality and consistency that the brand is known for. All Vesta coffees are freshly roasted, sustainably sourced, and of specialty-grade quality. The brand emphasizes the origin of their beans, working closely with reputable farmers, producers, exporters, and importers to offer a transparent and honest coffee experience.

Masa Higashida, CEO of NuZee, expressed delight at the progress the company is making. “Our commitment to expansion is yielding exciting results with the addition of Whole Foods Markets to our extensive list of major retailers carrying our co-packed products. Vesta is a respected, growing coffee brand that aligns perfectly with our thoughtful approach to sustainable growth across all coffee formats,” Higashida said.

The move underscores NuZee’s commitment to revolutionizing the way single-serve coffee is enjoyed in the United States. The company offers a range of co-packing services, including roasting, blending, packing, and packaging, for businesses of all sizes.

For further information on NuZee and its pioneering initiatives, visit mynuzee.com.

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