Victor Allen’s Coffee, a company established in 1979 with a dedication to producing high-quality coffee, is set to introduce a new and improved taste profile across its full range of single serve coffee pods starting this month. The brand achieved this enhanced taste by refining its coffee blends and roasting techniques.

In addition to the upgraded taste profile, Victor Allen’s Coffee is also updating its packaging to improve its presence on shelves and e-commerce platforms. The refreshed packaging will feature an updated logo, new brand colors, and an enhanced flavor communicator with an easy-to-read roast profile scale.

Michael Sargent, Senior Brand Manager for Trilliant Food & Nutrition, said, “Through our research, we have found that consumers are seeking a coffee brand that can provide a great cup of coffee consistently at a reasonable price.” He added that customers often find it challenging to navigate the coffee aisle and e-commerce platforms due to the vast array of choices with unclear communication on the quality of coffee beans, flavor profile, and roast.

By optimizing its packaging and improving its already remarkable coffee, Victor Allen’s Coffee aims to continue providing consumers with the home brewing coffee solutions they desire.

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