AeroPress, has launched the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap – an innovative accessory that promises to revolutionize the AeroPress brewing process.

The patent-pending Flow Control Filter Cap employs a pressure-actuated valve that prevents drip through and maximizes control during brewing. When attached to any AeroPress coffee maker, it enables users to produce an espresso-like crema and experiment with coarser coffee grinds, including pre-ground medium. The small valve on the cap increases air pressure during the pressing motion, enhancing the rich, full-bodied flavor AeroPress is renowned for. Compatible with both AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go coffee makers, the Flow Control Filter Cap works with metal and paper filters, either together or separately, offering maximum brew versatility.

CEO Gerard Meyer describes the Flow Control Filter Cap as a “game-changer” for AeroPress users, allowing them to experiment with grind sizes and build up pressure for an espresso-style crema.

Priced at $24.95, the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap is now available in the USA at and on Amazon. International distribution is expected in the coming months.

AeroPress products are designed to offer a unique, customizable coffee experience with each use. Their patented, portable design and fast brewing process enable users to make delicious coffee anytime, anywhere. Combining the best aspects of French press, pour over, and espresso brewing techniques, AeroPress coffee makers have gained widespread acclaim from baristas, world coffee champions, and everyday coffee drinkers alike. For more information, visit

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