JURA has unveiled the E6, a versatile coffee machine designed to bring the barista experience home. With just a touch of a button, users can enjoy classic black coffee specialties as well as the ever-popular cappuccino, thanks to the machine’s innovative Easy Cappuccino function.

The JURA E6 features a Professional Aroma Grinder that delivers more aromatic coffee by ensuring consistent grinding. By prioritizing freshly ground coffee over capsules, the E6 offers a richer taste and a more eco-friendly brewing experience. The machine also enhances the cappuccino experience with fine milk foam and an Extra Shot function for bolder flavor and aroma.

The E6’s sophisticated operating concept and user-friendly guidance make coffee preparation simple and personalized. The 2.8-inch color display allows users to choose from eleven beverage options, including espresso and espresso macchiato. Users can customize their brew with ten programmable coffee strength intensity levels and three programmable temperature settings, as well as adjust coffee strength individually for each cup. The versatile machine can also deliver hot water for tea or Americano, with three programmable hot water temperatures.

Equipped with a 64 oz. water tank and 10 oz. whole bean container, the E6 is suitable for daily use or entertaining. The CLEARYL Smart filter ensures water purity, while integrated cleaning cycles and a container for milk system cleaning maintain the machine’s performance. The E6’s timeless, elegant design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

The machine is WiFi compatible using WiFi Connect, an optional accessory that allows multiple users to control the E6 from a smartphone or tablet using JURA’s J.O.E. app. This app enables users to personalize their favorite beverages, initiate brewing, access maintenance instructions and videos, and more.

The JURA E6 is available in Piano White, Platinum, and Dark Inox. With retail prices ranging from $999 to $4,999, JURA offers the largest assortment of automatic coffee machines. For more information, visit jura.com.

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