In celebration of Earth Day and in line with its commitment to sustainable, organic, and ethically-sourced coffee, Minneapolis-based Peace Coffee has announced the launch of its first-ever Compostable EcoPods. The 100% biodegradable single-cup pods, made from plant-based materials, are compatible with Keurig machines and designed for industrial compost facilities.

Credit: Courtesy / Peace Coffee

The Compostable EcoPods will be available in two of Peace Coffee’s most popular blends: the nutty dark roast, Tree Hugger, and the smooth medium roast, Birchwood. The pods’ natural paper mesh retains the coffee’s full-bodied notes, unlike plastic alternatives that can alter the taste. Customers can purchase the pods online at and Amazon, with a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a box of 12.

The introduction of compostable pods supports Peace Coffee’s dedication to sustainable practices, which include purchasing only organic beans, adhering to 100% fair trade sourcing, and participating in the global Carbon, Climate, and Coffee Initiative. Lee Wallace, owner and CEO of Peace Coffee, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability and expressed hope to expand compostable packaging throughout their product range.

Since 2018, the woman-owned B Corp has experienced rapid growth, generating over $10 million in annual sales and expanding its presence to more than 2,400 stores across the country. During this time, Peace Coffee has also increased production by 42%, purchasing over 5.5 million pounds of beans from farmer cooperatives in over eight countries worldwide.

Wallace expressed pride in Peace Coffee’s achievements and emphasized the company’s intention to continue promoting sustainability, social justice, and equity as it grows on a national scale.

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